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Ready for Action

Now that you know exactly what you want to do it’s time to get ready for action. It sounds very dramatic but let me remind you that our brain is REALLY good at avoiding change and therefore finding ways for NOT starting something new. 

As a reminder, here is the goal we set: From January 10, I want to play tennis in any form (singles, doubles, lesson, ball machine, wall, etc.) twice a week.

Since you’re already playing one time a week I would think you know the location of courts, you have the link to my schedule to book more classes (hint, hint and you got a racket, shoes, etc. 

What obstacles are there that could prevent you from playing more?

Maybe you don’t know any more people you can play with. Is your schedule already pretty packed and you think you don’t have more time? 

If it’s the former, brainstorm solutions to meeting more players or finding other opportunities to hit. Just a few ideas:

  • You can join a ladder

  • Sign up for another clinic with me

  • Ask me if I know of players at your level who also have a hard time finding partners

  • Book the ball machine, hit at the wall, hit a few buckets of serves

  • Attend one of the social mixers at Gates to meet more people

  • Ask your other tennis playing friends if they know other players or know of other opportunities

If it’s a perceived time issue, brainstorm solutions:

Are there courts closer to my house or place of work? Can I combine my tennis with the trip to or from work? 

Do I need to pack a snack if I go right after work or else I get too tired? 

Do I need to set out my clothes and equipment the night before and get up 20 minutes earlier to make a class?

Can activities in my household be rearranged so I free up time?

Can I trade chores with my partner or kids to free up time?

What do I do with my kids or dog or cat while I play?

Explore a regular day and see if you can move things around. In my experience, when all the previous steps have been followed people find a way to make time. One tip: If you do have a partner or kids that may have to re-arrange a few their routines share with them why you are asking it of them instead of just demanding it. Most family members are happy to help once they know why a behavior change is important to you. 

If you absolutely feel there is no way you can find more time, consider tweaking your goal. Let’s say you are already doing a 90-minute clinic once a week and your goal said to play one more time. Would you be ok to just use the ball machine for 45 minutes or hit against the wall for 30 and take a bucket of serves? Perhaps later you can carve out more time because other factors shift. Don’t let the good be spoiled by the perfect as good old Voltaire used to say.

One last step before you can finally spring to action!

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