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- Win more Matches
- Play better tennis
- Feel more confident on court
Get your analysis in a 30 minutes live zoom call with Meike!
Cost $100

Regular analysis (video recording of analysis WITHOUT live call) $65

How it works

Video analysis is one of the best ways to improve your strokes. By seeing yourself play, you develop greater awareness and you won't engrain bad habits with the valuable corrections Meike will give you. It's like having the former Top #30 WTA on court next time you go out and practice what you learned!

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Record your stroke

Simply take a video with a phone camera in horizontal mode, and make sure you are filling the image in the center. Please get side AND back view.

Order your analysis and share with Meike

Once you ordered your analysis and recorded your stroke simply share the video with Meike via text, drop box or google drive. 

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Receive your analysis or set up appointment for Live zoom call 

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If you chose to have a standard analysis, Meike will work on your stroke frame by frame and focus on areas of improvement as well as parts of your stroke that you already mastered. You will see exactly what you need to do to improve in a video recording. 

If you ordered the Live Call version, Meike will schedule a zoom call and will go over your stroke with you directly. Of course, the session will be recorded so that you can always go back to it!

Read what players say about Meike's online coaching:

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Real Analyses From Real Players

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