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"Meike is a breath of fresh air in the tennis industry. She is revolutionizing the way we think, teach, innovate and collaborate, making for a significantly better culture particularly in the area of women in coaching. She is the consummate professional who is extremely knowledgeable and you would be hard pressed to find a better person to align yourself with." - Sara Stone, Founder and CEO Women's Tennis Coaching Association

“Working with Meike was incredibly helpful and also incredibly fun! She helped me to prioritize the most important goal for me to start with (from a list of far too many) that really helped me focus my efforts, be successful and actually enjoy the process. Her deep listening without judgment and sense of humor made each coaching session both fun and productive. She not only helped me reach my goal but gave me the tools I needed to keep the momentum going to tackle the other goals on my list, one at a time!” - Heather Finn, San Francisco

"Meike is a superb instructor and motivator! I appreciate her ability to assess my physical and mental strengths and weaknesses as well as her dedication to helping me improve both. Meike's lessons are the perfect mixture of instruction, challenge, fun and entertainment." - Andrea Carey, Denver

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